Wednesday, August 26, 2009

From the Front Lines of the Couch

Ok, I'm trying my hand at this blogging thing. I originally typed a very long first post a few weeks ago, but it was lost after I edited. I'm hoping to spawn more working moms to blog or connect as our resources are very limited. The only support groups I ever see are all for stay at home moms. With that said I respect everyone's individual need or opinion for their current mothering situation.

Currently I'm a stay at home mama for this week. For those of you who don't know me I was laid off last Friday, and 2 hours later I received a call offering me a job that I had been interviewing for. I had been praying for strength and help with my impending situation (aka the writing on the wall, given our economy) and really believe that it had an impact on the result. Although my husband does not believe this. We are at odds on our faith. I will talk more about this in posts to come. I will have to make this short as we are sitting down for dinner. I'm inspired by my sister Morgan's blog to do the 101 thins in 1001 days. I have a few listed but not near 101. I will try to complete my list and post it. I find it funny that I have already done some of the things are her list, and also would like to complete some of the others together (i.e. the jazz club). Can't wait to see if she has completed any of the ones on my list after I post it.

Best wishes till I see you again

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