Tuesday, December 15, 2009


I know most people are counting down to Christmas this time of year. Officially we have 10 days left until Christmas. I'm busy getting the last minute gifts for secret santa and dept. gift exchange. This year Roy and my Christmas to each other is a new fridge, a new set of pots, and a coffee maker. (this is the pic from the website since my pic from home didn't go through)- Guess we really are rednecks since we were so excited about a fridge.  BTW this is the first side by side fridge that I have ever owned.

These were all things that we needed but I'm happy. We had to set some of Matt's presents aside for his birthday since we bought so many throughout the year. I hope he likes everything. It seems like he is finally getting the whole "Santa is watching you" now and is behaving. Hopefully that will last till Christmas. Also for some unknown reason I'm more excited about my Anniversary on the 31st than Christmas. Maybe its because Christmas is just different now that my Dad is dead, and all my sisters are married. We are trying to carry on the traditions that we grew up with. Every year I wonder how my mother did it. I only have (1) child and a full-time job and I feel like I can never get everything done. This woman's house was always clean, she did tons of baking, shopping and wrapping for Christmas. I hope that I can get my act together, I'm trying with the baking and cooking; and I know Matt has plenty of gifts. I can't wait until my sisters have babies of their own so we will have a bigger family. I'm an aunt to my sister-in-law's kids that I never get to see but cannot wait till I get to help spoil a little Morg or Mer. I hope one of them has a little fat red-headed baby :)  If I don't blog before then hope everyone has a Merry Christmas!


  1. I tell Darren all the time that our kids are going to be fat and red-headed, I just know it! lol I think its a sign of maturity when you ask for things that you need and things that make your life easier, instead of just more things to clutter our lives. :)

  2. I received a vacuum cleaner and a "grown up" bedding set from my boyfriend when we opened gifts on Monday. I'm still REALLY excited about those gifts too. I think there comes a time when you grow up and want practical gifts instead of toys or junk you won't use. I'll post about my new bedding (with pictures) hopefully later this week. :)