Monday, December 7, 2009

Hello Winter Wonderland

Hi All-

Sorry its been so long since I have posted lots of stuff has happened. Since I have last posted my baby sister got married (I have a little sister and a baby sister :)) Congrats Cole and Meredith!!  Good news is that they did not have to let my dress out, but it didn't need to be taken in at the waist just the shoulders.

We enjoyed a wonderful Thanksgiving at my sister's house (Martha, herself) where she made a cute fruit turkey for my son.  Also being the wonderful aunt she is; mailed back the toy he lost in her yard.

We are getting ready for the holidays at our house and on Friday December 4th; Houston became a winter wonderland complete with snow!  Here is a picture of the snow outside my office.

Matt was not impressed at first and just kept telling me it was rain.  Not as much stuck at our house but his inflatable yard tigger had some snow, so he got to feel it. (we can now take this off the list).

Part of my holiday ritual is to become Betty Crocker during the time between Thanksgiving and Christmas.  This past weekend I made (2) homemade soups, lemon meriguiene pie ( I know the spelling isn't right but I have stumped spellcheck), and snow ball cookies.  I have a potluck on Sunday with my family and friends where I will be making a couple of sides and desserts.  Wouldn't let me load pic.

Finally the last day of this month; December 31st marks my 10th wedding anniversary.  I cannot describe how excited I am.  Not that I have anything special planned.  We are currently working on saving the money we need to book our Europe trip.  While I'm disappointed that we haven't been able to go yet; we are trying for a Sept 2010 departure; its not completely off the table.  Also I have been wanting an anniversary band; Roy and I have been talking about it.  My current wedding set was given to me on our 5th wedding anniversary as a trade up since my original was so tiny.  I was going to save my original for Matt to give to whichever girl he proposes to.  Well I cleaned my rings last night with laundry detergent which my sister suggested and they look BRAND NEW!!  It wouldn't let me load the pic.  Well to shorten the story; I fear no girl will tell Matt; "yes" with my tiny ring.  So I will be meeting with a jeweler on my 10th wedding anniversary in hopes of having my original ring melted down and created into an anniversary band.  YEA!!


  1. Merengue :)

    Happy Anniversary (early). I can't wait to hear what the jeweler says. Oh, and I liked your first said. I think you're being too hard on Roy. They were beautiful. And if a girl says no because of the ring, than Matt doesn't need to marry her. We don't need anyone like that in our family!

    Congrats on all the baked goods. I bet they turned out wonderfully! :)

    Martha! haha!

  2. I wanted to be so smart and I spelled it wrong! lol It's Meringue!